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Redesign Care Pathways

Effect Healthcare offers a supporting tool for clinicians to organise, improve and communicate care pathways and innovations. We support the innovation process from ideation to implementation in care pathways.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between care providers, care innovation, and care management.

Take Back Valuable Time

As a clinician, you want to help patients and strive for the best quality of care. Nowadays you often find that the ability to deliver quality care is hampered by capacity problems, long waiting times, pressure from healthcare payers, and hospital bureaucracy. Frustratingly, less valuable time is spent on patients, impacting the quality of care in the process.

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'Verbetering zorg kan alleen met meer grip op bureaucratie' Financieel Dagblad

With Meaningful Innovation

Effect Healthcare cooperates with clinicians and hospital boards to relieve the pressure on healthcare providers. We do this by supporting the creation of intuitive care pathways. Bridging the gap between the objectives of clinicians and hospital board while driving innovation in care pathways.

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Build Proof Points

Improve care by suggesting changes to care pathways or validate new technologies

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Doctors to Board

Through our platform all involved staff and stakeholders can easily understand the need for change.

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Patients Benefit

Demonstrate higher quality care for patients while improving workflows.

Our Vision

How does it work?


1. Align (Mapping)

Creating care pathways in our solution enables clinicians to validate proposed changes and health innovations. Using data analytics it's easy to compare the proposed method to the baseline measurement. 


2. Understand

Interpret the taken actions and what their implications mean in the short and long run using data and analytics. Communicate with colleagues and stakeholders through our user-friendly solution.


3. Improve

Improve care pathways through understanding and factual-based consideration. Resulting in sustainable healthcare for professionals and patients.

How It Works
Our Team
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Duncan Jansen

Founder & Strategist

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Lars den Ouden

Co-Founder & Doctor

Our Team

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